‘Supportive, insightful and well-paced. Fine attention to language and structure in a very warm, gentle and supportive atmosphere. Loved it all.’ - Clare Leaver, tutor in English.

‘It was invaluable to experiment writing in company of others without the pressure to follow any specific criteria. This made the experience rich with new and constructive possibilities based on the strengths that were picked up by other writers. Thank you and hope you will offer something similar again very soon.’ - Devang Vaidya, therapist.

‘Nina created a very encouraging environment to experiment with writing. The knowledge that everyone is producing a first draft and that the focus will be only on what is positive and effective is an excellent way to build confidence in oneself and to encourage others.’ – Rowena Dunn. See Rowena’s Blog for her experience.

‘I enjoyed the day. It put me back in touch with my creative writing self, a bit rusty but gently coaxed back and the wheels oiled with loving enthusiasm.’ – Sargam Picker.

‘We had a great day’s workshop with Nina a few months back. It all felt very safe and encouraging. We have booked her again!’ – Richard.